FAQ - Renovations

Q: What are the fees?
There is a refundable fee of RM2,000 and a non-refundable administration fee of RM200 per month or partial month (for months, 1, 2 & 3) and RM500 per month (for months 4 and over).  These were new resolutions passed at the 5th AGM.

Q: What are the times of the days that a renovation is permitted?
Renovations can take place between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. on Monday through Friday, and 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. on Saturday. No renovations are permitted on Sunday. Hacking and demolition work is from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.

Q: Why is the hacking period as per the House Rules only 2 weeks?
A: The owners at the 5th AGM decided to limit the amount of time renovations take for hacking to minimize the disruption to neighbours.  There are some other condo House Rules that limit this period to 3 days. After 2 weeks, each day of extra hacking will receive a RM100 fine. If your contractor plans your renovation properly, this hacking period can be achieved. 

Q: Where can my contractor's park their vehicles?
A: Lorry - park outside ; Van and cars - visitor car park (limited)

Q: Where can I find the paint and tiles information of the building?
A: The reference files are attached at the bottom of this page. 

Q: What lift should my contractors use?
A: The designated lift for contractors is the middle lift of Wing C.  Please do not to overload, jam, vandalise, deface or damage the lift.

Q: Why do I need the PMO's approval to do a renovation?  I should be able to do what I want in my own condo.
A: To avoid structural and facade alteration, maintain cleanliness, protect the rights & interest of all other owners.

Q: What type of drawings do you require as part of a renovation request? Do they have to be drawn by an architect?
A:Drawings are only required when there is hacking work and major renovation involved. Layouts of a unit can be obtained from the front desk.

Q: Do I require any municipal building permits before I commence with renovation works?
A: It is best to have all plans that have changes to the facade, major plumbing, major electrical or any structural alterations reviewed by MBPJ. 

Q: I need a contractor to come to fix a leaking pipe and it is after hours.  Are they permitted to come in after hours to do an emergency repair?
A: Yes, inform the guard and the guard will consult the building manager.

Q: My renovation is only for a couple of days?  No hacking involved, just one worker installing a sink and painting one wall.  Do I need to pay any fees?
A: Yes. The PMO will not bank in the cheque in this situation.

Q: This is my first renovation in ATC, is there anything that I must pay special attention to while renovating so not to disturb other residents?
A: Do not hack down the structural column, clean up the affected common area including lift lobby. The work is performed strictly during the above listed hours.  The most important issue is be considerate of your neighbours and try to minimize the disturbance to their right to enjoy living in a peaceful environment.  You may even want to inform your neighbors personally about your renovation plans.  Try to get the work completed quickly (especially hacking) and do not spread the work over months.

Q: I have so much construction waste from my renovation.  What should I do with it?
A: You and your contractor are responsible for the removal of waste from ATC.  The common area refuse rooms cannot be used.  Your damage deposit may be kept if it is identified that your construction waste has been placed in our refuse rooms.

Q: If I give cash as a refundable deposit fee, will I receive cash back when I apply for my deposit refund?

A:No. All renovation deposits must be banked into our account therefore refunds will be issued by cheque within two (2) weeks of a refund request. 

Q: I lost my RM2000 deposit receipt.  What should I do to get my deposit back?
A: We shall check our records to see if we have a copy of the receipt. If the renovation occurred more than 1 year ago and the PMO does not have a duplicate record, the onus is on you to prove that you made the deposit by referring to your past bank records.  

Q: Can I install a satellite dish?
A: No. The House Rules do not permit the installation of a satellite dish. The building has a centralized Astro Dish as well as our building is equipped with different IPTV options. 

Q: I want to paint the area outside my front entrance and front door white, is that OK?
A: No. This is the outside facade of the condo and as per our House Rules it can not be changed from it's original color.  You may be asked to change it back.

Q:  My neighbor has been renovating for the last 2 months.  Is there anything I or the PMO can do to make him stop?
A: The PMO are there to ensure that the Renovation Guideline that were approved by the owners (JMB) are being following. Has any of the Renovation Guidelines been breached?  If yes, then the PMO can intervene.  If no, then it is not within the powers on the PMO to ask the renovation to stop. Sooner or later, a condo unit will go through a renovation and perhaps yours will be next.  Please be patient and talk to your neighbors directly about your concerns. They may be open to your requests.  Complaints can also be made to MBPJ as they have a legal position to address the renovation. 

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