ATC - Management Structure

Self-Management:  ATC has been self-managed since January 2010. There are many residents that still ask the question, “What is self-management and what does it mean?” Self-management means that ATC is not run by a property management company therefore giving us more control on hiring competent staff and saving thousands of ringgit per month on management fees. The management of ATC is divided into two main areas. Property Management Office (PMO) and Joint Management Committee (JMC).  There is also a Tender Committee.  It is important to make the distinction between these groups:

PMO  - This office, located above Splash Cafe is run by hired staff that manage the daily operations of ATC. They are the first point of contact for all residents. The PMO responsibilities include looking after accounts, responding to residents' concerns & complaints, security, landscaping, common property maintenance of the building to name a few key areas. As per our House Rules, the PMO is not responsible for any repair or maintenance issue inside a unit requiring the owner to make arrangements with their own contractors.   

JMC - These elected people are part of the Joint Management Body (JMB – registered owners of ATC) who voluntarily oversee the PMO and collectively make decisions on behalf of the JMB.  The JMC advise the PMO as to what actions may be needed and this may include hiring the staff for the PMO. Major decisions, like changing the House Rules, passing resolutions or spending over RM10,000 (unless emergency) can ONLY be done through a JMB voting process at an AGM or EGM. The JMB are governed by the Building and Common Property (Maintenance and Management) Act 2007 - Act 663.  

Tender Sub-Committee - Review of tenders over RM10,000 or if the JMC requests a tender review. The JMC have final approval. 

Besides the above management, the community relies on its residents to volunteer on special projects that may include organizing the decorations in the building for special occasions, organizing sporting events, etc. If you wish to be involved in volunteering for your community, please let your interest be known by informing the PMO.

To contact any part of the Management, please email to

To contact the Accounting Department, please email to 

Joint Management Committee (JMC) Members (as of EGM on Dec 19th, 2012. The office bearers were selected by the JMB at the EGM).

            Name                                                 Position                               

  1. Ashok Gorasia                                      Chairman
  2. Yasmin Yusof                                        Secretary
  3. Grayson Clarke                                     Treasurer
  4. Avin Doshi
  5. Charles Lee
  6. Freddie Wong (resigned)
  7. Julia Baharuddin
  8. Mike Tham Chee Fai
  9. Nik Ahmad Najib
  10. Oliver Hober
  11. Vincent Choy
  12. Zahari Mahfudz

Tender Sub-Committee (TSC) Members (as of AGM on June 16th, 2012)  - Tender review process by this committee on purchases over RM10,000. Consists of 2 JMC and 5 JMB or Residents.                  

                Name                                                          Representing
  1. Nithianandan Rajasingham                                     JMB
  2. Paul Michael Baker                                                 JMB
  3. Craig Desmond Morrison                                        JMB
  4. Mike Tham Chee Fai                                              JMC
  5. Avin Doshi                                                              JMC