FAQ - Common


Q: I have three cars, can I park my third car in the visitor parking?
A: No.  You need to rent another car park bay at RM120/month plus RM10 for a car park sticker. If you are parking your car in the visitor parking bay, your car will be clamped as this is an unauthorized parking area for you. Be considerate of other residents who have bonafide guests that want to park in the visitor parking bays.

Q: I have 5 cars, can I get 5 car park stickers and 5 transponders?
A: No. As per the House Rules, only two (2) car stickers and two (2) transponders per household unless you have purchased another car park bay from the developer or rented additional car park bays.

Q: Who can park in the Concierge Loading Bay Parking area?
A: This area is for residents, taxis, school buses, visitors waiting for or dropping off a resident. Delivery trucks are permitted to park longer due to the nature of the time needed for loading and unloading the truck.

Q: How long can I park here?
A: A vehicle can park for a maximum of 15 minutes.  After this time the car can be clamped.  The guards are under no obligation to remind people to move their vehicle before clamping the vehicle.  If you are a resident and you think that you might need more than 15 minutes to park, then it it is better to park in your designated parking bay and allow another vehicle to park in the concierge loading bay parking area. 

Q: Why is the clamping fee so high?
A: The owners of Armanee Terrace have collectively agreed to the clamping fee of RM200. This is part of the Armanee Terrace Condominium House Rules & Regulations.

Q: My friend is picking me up at the concierge.  Can they come up to my condo to wait for me while I get ready?
A: No.  The people in the vehicles that come in for the purpose of pick-up or drop-off are not registered at the guardhouse therefore they have not be cleared to enter the building.  They are given a drop-off and pick-up sign at the guardhouse and  the concierge guards expect them to be parked only for a maximum of 15 minutes. If a visitor plans to enter the building they must register themselves at the guardhouse and park in the designated visitor parking area. 

Q: I have a driver.  Where can he wait for me?
A: Your driver can not wait at the main loading bay entrance.  This area is reserved for quick drop offs and pick ups and many times it can get congested at peak hours.  There is a designated waiting area near the car wash bays or they can wait in your parking bay.  You can call your driver when you reach the loading bay for them to come pick you up.

Q: I just bought some groceries, where can I park to unload and do you have trolleys that I can use to take these groceries up to my unit?
A: You can park at the main loading bay and you must provide the security guard with your unit number before you can use the trolleys.  You can park here for only 15 minutes after which your car will be clamped (RM200 fine).  Therefore, you need to be quick and return the trolley back to the loading bay entrance in consideration of others wanting to use the trolleys.  Do not leave the trolley in the corridors or lifts for others to look after.  Another suggestion is to buy a small pull trolley and leave it in your car so that you can use it when you park your car in your designated parking bay.

Q: My car was just clamped and I had to pay a RM200 clamping fee to the PMO.  Why?
A: Most likely you parked your car in an unauthorized area.  This could be for the following reasons:
  • Parking without a valid ATC car park sticker
  • Parking with an expired ATC car park sticker
  • Parking and fail to fully display the ATC car park sticker
  • Parking with an ATC car park sticker that does not match the parking bay number
  • You are a resident with a valid car park sticker parking in the visitor parking
  • Parking at the concierge drop off area for more than 15 minutes
  • Parking behind PMO office for more than 15 minutes
  • Parking next to the main refuse room for more than 15 minutes
  • Parking in front of the sports complex
  • Parking outside a parking zone

Section 10 of the ATC House Rules outlines the car parking rules. 

Q:  Can I have my neighbor use my parking bay?
A:  Yes.
You must provide the PMO with a letter of authorization to do so.  This vehicle will need to have a valid parking sticker for this car park bay.

Q: I understand that I can only have two car park stickers as per my SPA.  I just sold a car and bought a new one, do I have to pay RM10 for another sticker?
A: Yes. 
If you sell a car and purchase a new car you would turn in your old car park sticker for a new one.  There is a charge of RM10/car park sticker in this situation since two stickers had previously been issued for free.

Q: I have a friend from out of town visiting for a few days.  Where can they park and is there a fee?
A: They can park in the visitor parking area for free for only 7 days in one month.  After this period they will be charged. 

Q: Years ago, MK Land (the developer) reallocated my parking bay to another as my designated space (as per SPA) was no longer able to be used. I do not have any written documentation to support this, what do I need to do?
A: You need to get from the developer confirmation that your parking bay was changed and provide this information to the PMO so that we can place it in your file.  Without this your new space may be possibly sold by MK Land to another owner (i.e. ATC block B residents). The PMO will issue car park stickers as per your SPA or car park rental agreement.

Q: I used to live in ATC and now I rent out my place.  Can I keep my own car park stickers and transponders as there are times when I need to come into ATC to check up on my property?
A: No.  Once a unit is rented, all rights to the use of ATC is transferred to your tenant.  If you need to come in to ATC to check up on your property, you must register as a guest.


Q: Where do I dump household trash and garbage?
A: Floors 1-17 have two (2) refuse rooms near the central lifts. 
The ground floor refuse area is at the end of each wing. To dump household trash and garbage, put your refuse in a securely fastened garbage bag and dump it in the green plastic bins in the designated refuse rooms.

Q: Where do I take items for recycling?
Floors 1-17 have 1 room near the lift designated for recycling only. The ground floor refuse area is at the end of each wing. We recycle glass, metal, paper, cardboard and plastic. You can mix together various types of recyclables when dumping them in the recycling room. For plastic, look for a recycling mark on the object. Plastic that does not have a recycling mark -- e.g., a number 1 through 5 and 7 (#6 not recyclable) inside a triangle -- may not be recyclable. Food containers should be rinsed thoroughly before placing them in the recycling bins.  Paper food containers, such as pizza cartons, should not be put in the recycling bins if they cannot be cleaned thoroughly before disposal. 

Q: How do I dispose of large objects like furniture, carpeting, etc.?
Unit owners must arrange for special pickup to dispose of large items such as furniture, carpeting, large appliances, and the like. DO NOT SIMPLY DUMP THESE ITEMS IN THE DUMPSTERS. If you are replacing furniture, carpeting, etc., often the store that is delivering your new furnishings may agree to take away the old items. 


Q: I have a guest visiting me this afternoon, do I need to let the guards know?
A: Yes.  All visitors must be pre-registered through the guardhouse to make their entry into ATC more streamlined.  Contact the guard 
 by telephone at 03-7727 1284.
If by car, provide to the guards your name and unit number and your guest's name and car plate number.  If by foot, provide to the guards your name and unit number and your guest's name.  You guest may be asked for identification. 


Q: I do not have a key for the mailbox?

A: The PMO will change the lock for you for RM30 or you may call your own locksmith. 

Q: Can I install a satellite dish?
A: No, it is against the House Rules and these are the rules that purchases were aware of when they bought the property. ATC currently offers ASTRO with a centralized Astro Dish (not HD) as well we HD TV options with ASTRO and UNIFI using fibre optic cables. 

Q: I noticed that a light is out on my corridor and it needs to be changed.  Who do I contact?
A: You would contact the Property Management Office (PMO) at 03-7727 6757 or email them at concerns@armaneeterrace.com.my. It is preferred that all concerns and complaints are sent directly to the PMO for tracking purposes rather than posting them on facebook as these emails are read by all PMO staff and some committee members.

Q: My sink is blocked in my kitchen.  Who should I contact?
A: Since the issue is within your unit, you will need to contact your landlord if you are a tenant or contact your own contractor to fix the issue.  The maintenance people for the condo are for common areas only.  The PMO has a resident recommended contractors list. The PMO will not be held responsible for their work.

Q: It is 10pm and the power just went out in my unit and I am not sure if other units are affected. The PMO office is closed, who should I contact?
A: Please check your fuse box first as it may be a tripped breaker that just needs to be turned back on.  If that is not the problem, then you would contact the guard in the control room.  Intercom 102 or telephone at 03-7728-6852.  The PMO phones are affected by a full power outage in the building meaning that you would not be able to phone them. 

Q: There is a water coming into my unit and I think that it is from the unit upstairs. What should I do?

A: Contact the PMO during office hours and a maintenance staff will try to determine the source of the leak.  If they find:
  • That the leak is from the common area riser, then the PMO maintenance staff will repair. The PMO staff make repairs only to common areas.
  • That the leak is from within the unit and caused from that unit's pipes, then that unit is responsible for getting their own plumber to repair.
  • That the leak is from the unit above, then the unit above must find their own plumber to repair and rectify any damage that the water caused to other units.  The issue is between these units and they must coordinate amongst themselves rectification works. 

Q: ATC has some wonderful facilities that I would like to use.  Do I need to register to use the facilities like BBQ pit and badminton courts?
A: Yes. These facilities need to be booked through the PMO during office hours.  Their number is 03-7727 6757 or 03-7727 6760.  The ATC House Rules, ATC Function Facility Booking Guidelines & ATC Sports Complex Usage Booking Guidelines Booking outlines the usage of our facilities and they must be followed by all residents.  The House Rules can be found be clicking hereNo outside guests can use the gym as this area is strictly for residents only.  Maximum of 3 guests for use of the courts as long as an ATC resident is present - remember all guests must be pre-registered through the guard house.  There are fees attached to the rental of some facilities like BBQ pits and meeting rooms.  We also have equipment that you can rent like chairs and tables. 

Q: Where can I hold an outside function?
A: The BBQ/Gazebo areas and the area next to Splash Cafe are the ONLY outside common areas where a function can be held unless prior approval has been received from the PMO.  Functions held outside of these areas are not permitted. The designated areas are approved areas by the owners of ATC through the House Rules.  The rules are in place so that functions do not adversely affect the enjoyment and use of the common area by other residents. Tents, catering tables, chairs etc should not block common walkways. 

Q: Is there a calendar available for residents to see the availability of common areas for functions?
A: Yes.  These bookings can be seen on our calendar on our home page.

Q: I have about 10 guests attending my function.  How do I make their registration easier at the guardhouse?
A: Complete a guest list form and submit it to the PMO before the function. This assists the secuity with parking, guard house registration etc. 

Q: Can I use the gazebo without a booking?
A: Yes.  If you have a small group of residents, please feel free to use the area although be aware that there may be a prior booking, and you may be required to leave this area. It is recommended to make a booking to guarantee your uninterrupted use of this area. If your gathering is catered, or has outside guests or has lots of plates of food or decorations, that is a good indication that a booking should be made.

Q: Can I use the BBQ without a booking?
A: No. A booking is always required to use the BBQ. The use of a gazebo is included. 

Q: What are the fees and what are they for?
A:  There is a refundable RM200 deposit to use the designated outside function areas.  This is to cover any damage to common property or any cleaning that is required after your function. The rental fees are to guarantee your booking, guest registration, guest parking etc.. Each function is provided with a large green garbage container to accommodate for the extra garbage that a function can produce. The fees are below:
  • RM 25 less than 5 hours
  • RM 50 more than 5 hours 
Q: It's Saturday night, the PMO is closed and I would like to book the BBQ for Sunday afternoon.  How do I make a booking?
A: These last minute bookings are handled by the Security Supervisor.  They will collect the fees and issue you a receipt (cash only).

Q: I have outside guests attending my function.  Do I need to inform anyone?
A: Yes.  We require a guest list to be submitted to the PMO a couple of days before the function.  It will make the registration of your guests at our guardhouse much easier as well as setting up designated parking if required.  Please refer to the House Rules, as there are limits to the number of outside guests permitted in different function areas. 

The below picture, is a function set-up in a NON-designated area. 


Q: What type of bills should I expect to receive from the management?
A1: If you are the parcel unit owner, you will receive the following:
  • Maintenance Fees  - billing is monthly (late payment of these fees are charged 10% per annum interest as per our House Rules)
  • Water charges - billing is every 2 months
  • Quit Rent - billing is once a year
  • Master Insurance Policy - billing is once a year
A2: If you are a tenant, you may be responsible for paying the water charges.  This is dependent on your Tenancy Agreement with your landlord.

Q: How can I pay these fees?
A:  You can pay by cash, cheque, credit card, online transfer and direct debit (automatic payment using credit card).
  • Direct Debit: The direct debit requires a form to be completed.  This form can be found in the menu item PMO Forms.
  • Online Transfer: Must email confirmation of transfer immediately to concerns@ armaneeterrace.com.my.  The banking information is below:

Beneficiary Name:  Armanee Terrace JMB

Bank Name:  Alliance Islamic Bank Berhad

Bank Address: 

G19, Ikano Power Centre
No. 2, Jalan PJU 7/2
Mutiara Damansara
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Account Number:  62159-001-0001256

Swift Code: MFBBMYKL

Q: I see a defaulter list posted on the notice boards.  What does that mean?
A: It mean that a parcel owner has not settled their management fees within sixty (60) days from the date of invoicing or notification.

Q: If someone is a defaulter, what can the management do to ensure that these parcel owners pay their share?
A: As per the House Rules (section 22), the management can:
  • Charge late payment interest (LPI) of 10% per annum
  • Display of Defaulter's List
  • Legal proceedings for recovery of arrears
  • Attachment of movable properties for recovery of arrears
  • Rights to accept payment deemed made on behalf of a parcel/Unit Proprietor
  • Rights to demand payment from tenant(s)
  • Deactivation of vehicle access cards and door tags (reactivation charge of RM50)
  • denying the use and enjoyment of common properties
  • Disconnection of water supply (reconnection fee of RM50)
  • Parcel/Unit renovation works are not allowed


Q: How are our outdoor swimming pools cleaned?
A: The outdoor swimming pools are on a salt-chlorination system. As pool water passes through the chlorine generator cell, pumped through by our filter pump, the salt in the water is turned into Hypochlorous acid. Hypochlorous acid is the exact same component that is produced when any chlorine is added to pool water. As the water returns to the pool, it will introduce the newly produced chlorine, preventing algae, bacteria and killing micro-organisms, creating a safe and sanitary swimming environment. We have a contractor that comes out 3 times a week to clean the pools by vacuuming, backwashing, PH testing, adding salt, etc.  Every 3 months they clean any algae buildup around the swimming pool islands. 


Q: I have a live-in maid, do I need to register them at the PMO?
A: Yes. All live-in and part-time (same person) maids, all need to be registered at the PMO.  A Form called IF3 would be completed attached with a passport size photo and a copy of their passport/IC. Until such time when we have our new residents card, the maids should carry a copy of this PMO approved form with them when in ATC. 

Q: I have a private driver, do I need to register them at the PMO?
A: Yes.  The same as for a maid, as described above. 

Q: I have a contract  with a maid service.  They could send a different maid each time that my house needs cleaning.  How can they be registered? 
A: They would register as any of our contractors would at the guard house each time that they visit ATC.  They will not be issued an authorized letter from the PMO as with live-in maids.