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WING C Lifts

posted Mar 18, 2011, 10:06 PM by PMO Posting   [ updated Mar 20, 2011, 5:38 AM ]
As per the last Annual General Meeting (AGM) held in July 2010, a budget was allocated to refurbish the Wing C lifts.  As it stands now, the quotations to refurbish the lifts are being reviewed by the recently formed tender committee, a volunteer group made up entirely of fellow condo residents. This is all minuted and available for download from our website or by clicking here.

During weekdays from 7am-5pm and Saturday from 7am-1pm, Wing C right lift is manually turned off by the guards so that it is not used by contractors or the cleaners (to transport rubbish bins) to protect it from possible damage. The way that Wing C lifts are programmed is that the right call button controls the right and middle lifts and the left call button controls the left and middle lifts.  It would cost about RM22,000 to create a third call button to control just the middle contractor's lift.  This new button would have to be installed on each floor right up to the 17th floor. This sizable cost would have to be brought up at an AGM for all the residents to vote on since the amount is greater than the JMC's spending limit of RM10,000.  The current operation of the lifts is not ideal and perhaps the next AGM will bring solutions that the majority of residents will be happy with.