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Wing A - Water Disruption Update

posted Feb 11, 2010, 5:18 PM by
Yesterday afternoon, a water elbow pipe on the 9th floor of Wing A burst.  We anticipated early on that the water to Wing A would be disrupted for up to 36 hours to repair. The parts to properly fix the pipe were not available until this morning.  In the interim, our technicians were able to a temporary repair and turn on the water around 3am allowing residents use of water and filling up toilet tanks. A technician was on standby throughout the night. The water to Wing A has been turned off at 9am today to do the final repair.  We anticipate that it will not be until this evening before the water is turned back on due to the plumbing glue requiring at least 10 hours to set. 

Around midnight, 3-5.5 litres of water was dispersed to each resident unit in Wing A.  Please keep coming back to this website for any further updates.