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Whole Building Electrical Shut Down - Additional Info

posted Apr 9, 2010, 7:40 PM by PMO Frontdesk
Dear fellow residents,

I completely understand your concerns and worries in regard to the temporary shut down of electrical services. Trust me, it effects my life as well and I for one would certainly like to forgo such an exercise. The reality of the situation as explained to me:

This upcoming main switchgear maintenance is a necessary exercise to ensure that our building is safe from electrical malfunction and possible unforeseen problematic and potentially dangerous electrical shorts and breakdowns.  I for one would much prefer a two hour shut down in a structured and organized fashion over an electrical short that shuts down our building for a much longer duration. Think of this as you would a tune up on your car and please note that this is a practice carried out by all responsible building managers and is done to help the residents, not hinder them.

In hindsight, I believe our initial announcement to the shut down should have had an explanation of why the shut down needs to take place and for that I extend my apologies.

I hope this posting can ease the minds of any residents who feel concerns about the shut down. We have confirmed that it should be less than 2 hours.  FYI, the external company that would handle this for Armanee Terrace specialize in this very practice.