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posted Jan 21, 2013, 5:05 AM by PMO Posting
10 Jan 2013 – Tender Documents Approved by JMC & Tender Committee (TC)
14 Jan 2013 – Tender Amendment & Publication
18 Jan 2013 – Advertisement in Star Paper & Others
29 Jan 2013 – Closing Date For Tender Submission By 5pm
26 Nos – The Number of Vendors Who Have Collected the Tender Documents To date
14 Nos – The Numbe
r of Vendors Who Attended Site Visits To date

a) All Tenders To Be Submitted In Sealed Envelopes
b) Tenders Will Be OPENED By The Tender Committee at a Date To Be Announced later
c) Every Page Of Every Bid Will Be Signed By Every Tender Committee Member To Prevent Document Tampering
d) Residents & Bidders Are Invited & Encouraged To Be Present & Witness the Opening of The Sealed Tenders
e) The Date Of The Opening Of The Sealed Tenders Will Be Announced Later

a) The Tender Committee Will Deliberate On All Tenders Submitted & Shortlist The Vendors
b) The Shortlisted Vendors Will Be Requested To Install Pilot CCTVs In Order To Establish The Quality Of The Image & Other Criterias
c) The Tender Committee Will Study & Deliberate On The Findings Of The Pilot Installation
d) The Tender Committee Will Make A Selection & Recommend To The JMC
e) JMC To Table & Approve The Vendor