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Unauthorized Parking Will Result in Clamping

posted May 27, 2011, 9:42 PM by   [ updated May 28, 2011, 1:22 AM by PMO Posting ]

Please be advised that effective June 1st, 2011, the PMO will be initiating strict enforcement against unauthorized vehicle parking within ATC.  Vehicles will be clamped and a RM200 fine will be imposed to remove the clamp if they:

  • Park without a valid ATC car park sticker
  • Park with an expired ATC car park sticker
  • Park and fail to fully display the ATC car park sticker
  • Park with an ATC car park sticker that does not match the parking bay number
  • Are a resident with a valid car park sticker parking in the visitor parking
  • Park at the concierge drop off area for more than 15 minutes
  • Park behind PMO office for more than 15 minutes
  • Park next to the main refuse room for more than 15 minutes
  • Park in front of the sports complex
  • Park outside a parking zone

Section 10 of the ATC House Rules outlines the car parking rules. 

Additional Information about Parking within ATC:

  • If you are allowing your neighbor in ATC to use your parking bay, then you must provide to the PMO with a letter of authorization to do so.  This vehicle will need to have a valid parking sticker for this car park bay.
  • Only two (2) car park stickers will be issued as per your Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA).  Additional car park stickers will only be issued if a resident has purchased or rented an additional parking bay at a cost of RM10/car park sticker.
  • If you sell a car and purchase a new car you would turn in your car park sticker for a new one.  There is a charge of RM10/car park sticker in this situation, two stickers had previously been issued for free.
  • Overnight visitors are required to register at the security post and can park for free up to a maximum of 7 days/month before being charged.  
  • If our developer, MK Land had relocated your parking bay from what is indicated on your SPA, you must request from them an official letter supporting this change so that we have it on your file.  Your Deed of Assignment may need to be changed to reflect the new parking bay. Without this official documentation, there is nothing stopping the developer from turning around and selling this parking bay to another.  
  • Owners will transfer their rights to use the car park to their tenants.  This will cover car park stickers and transponders.