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To update on the electrical shut down.

posted Nov 29, 2012, 12:25 AM by PMO Frontdesk

1  Shut down on 4/12/2012 Wing A - Affected area - All Residence unit(A), PMO office, SPA,Splash cafe Car park LG 1to 6.and Common area

   There will no supply for the car park lifts. Therefore, the lift cannot be used. Any delivery or loading please proceed to concierge

2.  Shut Down on the 5/12/2012 Wing B - Affected Area - All residence units(B), Common Area

3.  Shut down on the 6/12/2012 Wing C - Affected Area - All Residence units(C), Common Area, Sport Complex, Prestro, Barber shop,

4.  ATC standby Generator supply only for main block Lifts and certain staircase and corridor ‘s lighting

5.  Try not to keep plenty frozen food. Frozen food inside fridge can last at least 4 hours if the fridge when is kept close. Not to keep cream and any other stuff that cools down fast and melt.

6.         During the shut down period please switch off all electrical appliance

to prevent any electrical power surge when the supply is back to normal.

    PMO hold no responsibilities any equipment faulty or failure to function due to electrical work done.We will update if any latest infomation.


Thank you.