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"Take Charge" Awareness Program

posted May 2, 2013, 5:40 PM by PMO Posting   [ updated May 7, 2013, 12:13 AM ]

Date                    : 18 May 2013

Time                   : 10am - 2pm
Pre-register by : 11 May 2013
Entry fee            : RM60
Venue                 : Meeting Room above Splash Cafe

¨ Speaker: Michael Chong from Perfect Protection

¨ Open to ATC Residents, Family & Friends

¨ Please invite anyone whom you feel can benefit from this program (*men included!)

        ¨ Refreshments will be served

¨ Please SMS details to Julia 016-2248881 latest by 11 May 2013


TAKE CHARGE awareness program is designed to enhance and widen a person’s safety skills and knowledge to greater heights with a simplistic yet effective approach.


Learn to Prevent, Defend and Survive Anywhere!

Do NOT Take Things for Granted…


    This program provides important insights to continually improve a person’s safety knowledge and survival skills, to be adequately prepared for the unexpected.




ü  To learn Situational Awareness and be better prepared to react under life threatening situations

ü  To become safe and responsible road users and learn road survival skills

ü  To acquire crucial Life Saving Skills (optional)








Module 1 (Duration: 2-2.5hours)



On The Road Safety Measures

                         Ensuring a SAFE JOURNEY to destinations and back”


                        Journey Preparation (on the way to work)

o   Possible Road Scenarios

§  In-Car measures

§  Handling Aggressive Road Bullies

§  Reaction to Emergencies

§  Surviving Accidents

§  Car Jacking & Robbery

§  Taxi Safety Awareness


                        Personal Protection

o   Situational Awareness - Pedestrian Safety

§  Malaysian Crime Statistics and Trends

§  Mental Preparation and Surveillance

§  Confidence portrayal

§  Mugging

§  Snatch Theft Prevention methods

§  Converting handbag items into weapons

§  Effective use of Personal Protective Devices - demo

o   The Silent Robbers – Pick Pockets

o   Clubbing / Entertainment Outlets

o   Voyeurism - a female’s WORST nightmare

o   Making Safe Cash Withdrawals from ATM and Banks

o   Petrol Station Safety

o   Public Transport Safety

o   Lift / Elevator Terrorists

o   Travel / Hotel Safety Tips

o   Eateries (Mamak Stalls and Restaurants) Awareness


                        General Safety measures

o   Office Buildings & Shopping Malls Safety

§  Do's and Don'ts at parking lots

§  How to spot suspicious characters 

§  What to do when you know you are being followed

§  What to do when you are being attacked

§  Some preparation/what items to carry to protect yourself

§  What are the common tricks/trap set up by the attackers

§  How to minimize chances of being attacked  

§  What "hot spots" to avoid

-      Q & A session


                        PREVENTION – HOME SAFETY

                        Home Sweet Home

                        “Ensuring a Safe Sanctuary during Festive season”


-      Home Safety & Security

o   Common break-in methods & tell-tale signs

§  Bungalows, Semi Detached & Terrace

§  Condominiums and Apartments

§  Making the best of technology

o   Prevention methods

§  Fire Extinguishers - triple usage

§  Entry Prevention & Warning Systems

·         Home alarms - how effective are they?

·         Unexpected alarms

·         Choosing your home’s lines of defense



Module 2 – Practical Session

(Duration: 1 hour)



Surviving in the Urban Jungle - Self Defense as a last resort

“Brace yourself for Crime – ONE MOVE Counter Strike to Escape”


-      Flight or Fight

-      Negotiations

-      Identifying Strong & Weak Body Parts

-      Using body parts as weapons for Self Defense

-      Converting simple items into Effective Weapons

-      How to Avoid and Detect crime situations

-      How to overcome Fear in a crime (mugging, rape, etc)

o   Mental Fitness & Preparation

o   Developing Self Confidence

-      Demo - Practical (participants involvement)

o   Golden Rule of Survival

o   Let’s Punch

o   Common Attack Methods (without weapons)

§  Neck Choke Stranglehold

§  Bear Hug Arm Wrap

§  Bear Hug Arm Free

§  Wrist locking

§  Hair pull

§  Substance Attack

§  Stampede Survival

§  Ground Defense

o   Effective One Move Escape Techniques

o   Common Attack Methods (with weapons)

§  Demo

o   Counter Attack Techniques




Module 3 (Duration: 1.5 hours)



Essential First Aid & CPR (theory & demo)

“This knowledge is extremely important - FOR LIFE”


Common injuries when Preventive & Defense measures Fail:

1.      Bodily injuries resulting from physical fights, stabs, slashes, severed ligaments, etc…

2.      Road Traffic Accident

Whatever the reason, if the outcome is that we are injured, what must we do to SURVIVE ?


Apply the Emergency 3B...


o   Breathing System - How our Body Works

§  Clinical Death

§  Permanent Death

o   If there is NO breathing

§  Perform CPR

o   If there is breathing, then check for …


o   If there is bleeding (cuts, stabs or slash),

§  use types of First Aid techniques to stop bleed

§  What if fingers / ligaments severed (cut off) in serious case?  How to preserve for re-attachment

o   If there is NO bleeding, then check for …

-      fractures to BANDAGE 

o   Closed Fracture

o   Open Fracture


Anti Choke - Heimlich Maneuver - Practical involving participants

Q & A session


About the Speaker…


            Mr. Michael SW Chong (6th August 1968)

For the past 19 years, Michael has been involved in Personal Protection, Road Safety and Home Security, assisting victims of Road Traffic Accidents, victims of violence and house break-ins.  He brings with him documented cases of real scenarios and provides a range of practical preventive measures and solutions in making the road user more aware of potential road dangers and their homes a safer place and simple ways to keep oneself safe from harm’s way in the daily life routine.  He also educates and demonstrates the use of effective personal protection devices.


Michael’s passion for effective self-defense spans 30 years of learning different martial arts and carries the title of “Elite International Master” and recently completed his 8th Degree Black Belt in Unarmed Combat Martial Arts in the Malay Archipelago’s Martial and Spiritual Warrior’s Union (MAMSWU) and also holds a 4th Degree Black Belt in Weapons Martial Arts.