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Someone Could Have Been Killed!! (Seriously Injured)

posted Sep 27, 2010, 7:27 PM by PMO Frontdesk   [ updated Sep 27, 2010, 9:22 PM ]

On 17th September 2010, 3 stones were thrown from the upper floors of Armanee Terrace, one landed on the roof of the ground floor exterior car park, one just missed a contractor and one broke the windscreen of the car of a resident with her and her children in it.

Thank God, they were okay and the car took the brunt of it. The Guards and Building Manager went immediately to check all floors of that particular wing but could not find the culprit.

As in most cases, we can only assume that a child threw the stones as in most cases, they are left alone without (or with minimum) supervision by parents or maids. Several circulars have been sent to curb this incident, but yet this unfortunate and very dangerous act happened.

We again urge parents to be responsible for their children and to remind their maids or babysitter or nanny to always keep their charges supervised at all times. Some responsible parents have taken these steps.

These are the steps:-

1.    Remove all garden stones.

2.    Remove all small heavy objects or put them away where a child can’t reach them.

3.    Put up safety nettings across the garden to prevent their children from throwing things down.

4.    Prevent their children from playing in the garden when they or their maids are busy.

5.    Educating their children and maid.

6.    Talking or sharing with their neighbors when they see kids throwing things.

7.    Report this to the PMO.

The PMO, JMC and some JMB members have discussed the necessary steps to be taken to curb these incidences. That is to prevent, monitor and if necessary levy a hefty fine on the parents if it is found to be their children not to mention further prosecution via a formal police report, and a civil suit from the injured residents or parties. Please be reminded that these incidents can be FATAL.

We take this with utmost importance and would like all residents to have peace of mind living in this beautiful abode. We urge residents to do their part, starting with their own home and do their part for the community.

PMO Frontdesk,
Sep 27, 2010, 9:22 PM