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posted Aug 21, 2012, 8:57 PM by PMO Frontdesk   [ updated Aug 22, 2012, 1:39 AM ]

Hi Folks, given the fact that ATC seems to have become the target of intruders & miscreants, a few security measures which were in place, are being reinforced during the Raya holidays when many residents are away

1. Head of Security will remain on duty around the clock, to be alerted by the Patrolling teams in very frequent intervals
2. Each and every visito
r will be escorted to the unit, either personally or via monitoring from the control room to ensure that the person exits the lift on the correct floor
3. All maids going out with bags will be checked and screened

Resident Cooperation:
1. Residents are urged to fill in the data sheet with their contact details, to allow Security or PMO to contact you, in the case of emergencies
2. Please register your maids by providing a photo and passport details, specially for full-time maids
3. Inform PMO or Security if you intend to be away for a few days or more
4. Get your neighbours to help. Inform your neighbors the dates when you will be away and ask them to keep a lookout during your absence. Give them your contact number so they would be able to contact you if need be
5. Cooperate with Security with respect to the security measures rather than berating them, which stops them from doing their jobs and negates any efforts taken by the PMO
6. LOCK your doors

We need your help to ensure that these and other efforts prove effective. For any queries, please email PMO via