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Securing your Condo - Locks

posted May 7, 2012, 8:07 PM by PMO Posting
In our last Around Armanee newsletter, there was an article that talked about installing additional locking mechanisms to deter or prevent an unwelcome entry to your condo unit. There are many different locking mechanisms on the market and it is up to each owner to choose how they secure their own property.  Some of locks that we recommend are:
  1. Deadbolt on the front door.
  2. Padlock or magnetic keypad lock on the front gate grill.
  3. Padlock on the garden gate grill.
  4. Replacement of the patio sliding door latch.
  5. Patio sliding door lock in track. See below.

Also, consider installing motion-sensitive flood lights outdoors will also help to deter burglars working at night.