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posted May 26, 2013, 2:35 AM by PMO Posting
Dear Residents,

We are currently working on security enhancements and one of the projects undertaken by your JMC is the Boom Gates and Door Access System. This Resident/Visitor/Contractor/Maid/Car Management System will require the creation of a database of all residents and people authorized to have access into ATC.

We require your help and cooperation to:

1. Register all Occupants in your Unit including children and maids
2. Provide (2) TWO passport sized photographs (soft copy or hard copy) including children and maids (please indicate whether you want cards issued for your children)
3. Provide details of all vehicles that will be parked at your own or rented parking lots

Please fill in the RESIDENT REGISTERATION DATATBASE FORM (see link), where required in full, so we can process and develop the AUTHORIZED ACCESS & ID CARDS in preparation for the installation of the new doors and boom gates.

Kindly complete this by 21 JUNE 2013 and send to us via email at or hand over directly to the PMO.

Thank you for your cooperation.