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Report & Pets Enforcement

posted Dec 30, 2009, 11:03 PM by
Dear All,

Please report to PMO or Post on the web on any unit(s) that keep Pets as the management is embarking on an exercise to enforce House Rule 7.3 -"No household pets (i.e. cats dogs, etc.) other than fishes in the aquariums are permitted in any of the units or any part of the building. The PMO reserves the right to remove any pets found within the premises at Owner's expense OR the Authorities concerned will be informed of such activity." 
Please be informed that effective from 15th January 2010, the security will strictly enforce House Rule 7.3 and owners/residents and visitors are not allow to bring pets into ATC compound.
The PMO is giving due notice to pets owner to discard them properly.

Thank you