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posted May 23, 2013, 2:03 AM by PMO Posting
Dear Valued Residents,    

Approximately 90 Residents have not obtained their 2013 vehicle stickers and are using the residents’ and non-residents’ lane at the main entrance to enter our premises.  This has caused concern to PMO, Security and many Residents, for this irregular mode of entry can lead to unwarranted security problems.

The presumption is that Residents who have more vehicles than the allocated parking bays are parking in the vacant and visitors’ bays overnight.  In order to avert a problem of unmanageable proportion, we are obliged to reinforce the following measures:


All Residents must display the 2013 vehicle sticker to gain entry into residents’ lane.  Failure to adhere to this requirement, Residents will need to sign-in and be guided to visitors’ lane.  Please take note that Security personnel will not allow cars with the old 2012 car stickers entry into our premises with immediate effect. Your name and unit no. will also be put up on ATC Notice Boards as a reminder.


Please display the valid car sticker clearly on your vehicle wind screen for quick and easy identification by our Security personnel. 

Your co-operation is highly appreciated for the benefit of all.


Thank you.