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House Rules - Moving-in and Moving-out

posted Apr 12, 2010, 5:16 AM by PMO Posting
The PMO wants to remind everyone of the process for moving-in and moving-out of ATC.  There have been a few occasions lately where residents have a moving truck ready to unload or pack up without a deposit (RM1,000) made or forms filled.  Below is a section of the House Rules that outlines the procedures:

5.2          Moving-ln and Moving-Out

a)        Please inform the PMO seven (7) days in advance on the date of moving in/ moving out by completing and submitting Form CI, C2 and C3.

b)       PMO will inform the security guards on the above in order to provide and arrange the access for your house shifting exercise.

c)        Owners/ Residents and their appointed shifting contractor are advised to refer to the Moving Procedures for further clarification and shall always comply with it. Copy of the guidelines is available at the PMO.

d)       Owners/ Residents/ shifting contractors must use the 'DESIGNATED' lift for shifting purposes and are advised not to overload, jam, vandalise, deface or damage the lift.