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Health Alerts-Dengue

posted May 20, 2012, 6:30 PM by PMO Frontdesk2
Due to two recent dengue cases in ATC and as part of the ongoing dengue prevention exercise, the PMO would like to remind residents to practice the following:


At all times

ü  Turn pails and watering cans over and store them under shelter. 

ü  Remove water in plant pot plates. Clean and scrub the plate thoroughly to remove mosquito eggs. Avoid the use of plant pot plates, if possible. 

ü  Loosen soil from potted plants to prevent the accumulation of stagnant water on the surface of the hardened soil. 

ü  Do not block the flow of water in scupper drains along common corridor. Avoid placing potted plants and other paraphernalia over the scupper drains. 

ü  Cover rarely used gully traps. Replace the gully trap with non-perforated ones and install anti-mosquito valves.

ü  Cover bamboo pole holders after use. Rainwater can potentially accumulate in these bamboo pole holders if they are uncovered and create a habitat. 

ü  No tray or receptacles should be placed beneath and or/ on top of any air-conditioning unit so as not to create a condition favourable for mosquito breeding. 

Every other day

ü  Change water in flower vases. Clean and scrub the inner sides of vases. Wash roots of flowers and plants thoroughly as mosquito eggs can stick to them easily.

Once a week

ü  Clear fallen leaves and stagnant water in your scupper drains and garden. These leaves could collect water or cause blockages to the drains, thus resulting in the build-up of stagnant water.

ü  Clear any stagnant water in your air cooler unit.

Once a month

ü  Add prescribed amounts of sand granular insecticide into vases, gully traps and roof gutters, even if they are dry.

ü  Clear away fallen leaves in roof gutters and apron drains. If structurally feasible, remove the roof gutters.