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Functions - Use of Common Property

posted Apr 13, 2012, 11:20 PM by PMO Posting   [ updated Apr 17, 2012, 4:10 AM ]
The PMO sees it timely to remind residents of some of the basic rules of holding functions in the outside common areas of ATC.  They are:
  • The BBQ/Gazebo areas and the area next to Splash Cafe are the ONLY outside common areas where a function can be held unless prior approval has been received from the PMO.  Functions held outside of these areas are not permitted. Please see below photo of a resident setting up a function in a non-designated area.
  • The designated areas are approved areas by the owners of ATC through the House Rules.  The rules are in place so that functions do not adversely affect the enjoyment and use of the common area by other residents. 
  • Pre-booking through the PMO during office hours is required to use the designated areas for functions. These bookings can be seen on our calendar on our home page.
Q: Can I use the gazebo without a booking?
A: Yes.  If you have a small group of residents, please feel free to use the area although be aware that there may be a prior booking, and you may be required to leave this area. It is recommended to make a booking to guarantee your uninterrupted use of this area. If your gathering is catered, or has outside guests or has lots of plates of food or there are decorations - this is a good indication that a booking should be made.

Q: Can I use the BBQ without a booking?
A: No. A booking is always required to use the BBQ. With this booking, a gazebo is included. 

Q: What are the fees and what are they for?
A:  There is a refundable RM200 deposit to use the designated outside function areas.  This is to cover any damage to our common property or any cleaning that is required after your function. The rental fees are to guarantee your booking, garbage disposal, guest registration, guest parking etc.. Each function is provided with a large green garbage container to accommodate for the extra garbage that a function can produce. The fees are below:
  • RM 25 less than 5 hours
  • RM 50 more than 5 hours 
Q: It's Saturday night, the PMO is closed and I would like to book the BBQ for Sunday afternoon.  How do I make a booking?
A: These last minute bookings are handled by the Security Supervisor.  They will collect the fees and issue you a receipt (cash only).

Q: I have outside guests attending my function.  Do I need to inform anyone?
A: Yes.  We require a guest list to be submitted to the PMO a couple of days before the function.  It will make the registration of your guests at our guardhouse much easier as well as setting up designated parking if required.  Please refer to the House Rules, as there are limits to the number of outside guests permitted in different function areas. 

Q: Why do I need to pay to rent chairs or tables? I'll just use the furniture around the pool for my function!
A: The poolside furniture is for the use and enjoyment of ALL residents and it should not be removed from its designated areas for function seating. 

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.  

The below picture, is a function set-up in a NON-designated area.