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Concierge Loading Bay Parking - Maximum 15 minutes

posted May 20, 2012, 3:06 AM by PMO Posting   [ updated May 20, 2012, 5:24 PM ]
The concierge loading bay area is a 15 minute Pick-up and Drop-off zone in Armanee Terrace Condominium.  Some common questions that we receive from residents and visitors:

Q: Who can park in the concierge loading bay parking area?
A: This area is for residents, taxis, school buses, visitors waiting for or dropping off a resident. Delivery trucks are permitted to park longer due to the nature of the time needed for loading and unloading the truck.

Q: How long can I park here?
A: A vehicle can park for a maximum of 15 minutes.  After this time the car can be clamped.  The guards are under no obligation to remind people to move their vehicle before clamping the vehicle.  If you are a resident and you think that you might need more than 15 minutes to park, then it it is better to park in your designated parking bay and allow another vehicle to park in the concierge loading bay. 

Q: Why is the clamping fee so high?
A: The owners of Armanee Terrace have collectively agreed to the clamping fee of RM200. This is part of the Armanee Terrace Condominium House Rules & Regulations.

Q: My friend is picking me up at the concierge loading bay.  Can they come up to my condo to wait for me while I get ready?
A: No. The people that are in the vehicles that come in for the purpose of pick-up or drop-off, are not registered at the guardhouse therefore they have not be cleared to enter the building.  They are given a drop-off and pick-up sign at the guardhouse and  the concierge guards expect them to be parked only for a maximum of 15 minutes.  If a visitor plans to enter the building, then they should advise the guards at the guardhouse (point of entry) so that they can be properly registered and directed to park in the designated visitor parking area. 

Q: I have a driver, can they wait for me in concierge loading bay?
A: Since this area can get very congested with vehicles especially at peak hours, we advise residents to have their drivers wait in our designated area near the car wash bays and call for them once you have reached the concierge loading bay.

Once again, please be considerate of the other residents dropping off & picking up in this area and stick to the 15 minute rule.