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Car Stickers - No More Excuses

posted Feb 8, 2012, 7:40 PM by PMO Posting
Every year, the Management is faced with residents giving excuses why they have not picked up a valid car park sticker and every year, the Management has to remind residents of the ATC Home Owners' Manuel in regards to the consequences of not having and displaying a valid car park sticker - namely car clamping.  An ATC Car PArk sticker is valid for one (1) calendar year.  The ATC House Owners' Manuel states the following:

10.12. Vehicle Clamping and Towing
Vehicles parked in unauthorized areas may be clamped or towed. The vehicle owner concerned will have to bear the cost of towing or an administrative charge of RM 200.00/ day for the removal of the wheel clamp. Money collected from clamping will go into the JMB fund. Vehicles will be clamped if they:
i. Park without a valid ATC car park sticker
ii. Park with an expired ATC car park sticker
iii. Park and fail to fully display the ATC car park sticker
iv. Park with an ATC car park sticker that does not match the parking bay number or the car plate number
v. Park in the visitor parking area and they are a resident, when they have a valid ATC parking sticker.
vi. Park at the concierge drop off area for more than 15 minutes
vii. Park behind PMO office for more than 15 minutes
viii. Park next to the main refuse room for more than 15 minutes
ix. Park in front of the sports complex
x. Park outside a parking zone or park in any other unauthorized areas