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Boom Gate Testing Period

posted May 27, 2011, 9:41 PM by

Starting on Monday, May 30th, the final testing of the boom gates will commence for a period of a few weeks.  We deeply regret any delays in getting the system operational and it is our intention to ensure that we have a suitable and workable system for ATC.  The developer, contractor and consultant involved in the testing have been given a final notice and in the event that the system does not perform to its specification, we will have no alternative but to proceed with the next course of action.  Part of the testing will cover visitor and contractor registration.

What do car owners need to do?

  •  Make sure that you have obtained a transponder from the PMO.  Only two (2) transponders per household will be issued unless you have purchased or rented additional parking bays.  The deposit is RM150/transponder.
  •  Make sure that you have obtained a valid ATC car park sticker from the PMO.  Only two (2) car park stickers per household will be issued unless you have purchased or rented additional parking bays.  These stickers are free for the first two, after which it is RM10/car park sticker (only for additional purchased or rented parking bays).
  •  Place your car park sticker and car transponder on the left top corner of your windscreen. The car park sticker must always be fully visible when entering ATC and remain on the windscreen while being parked in ATC.  The car park sticker must match the car parking bay number or else the car will be clamped.
  • The consultant has advised not to leave the transponder visible through your windscreen when you are outside ATC for security reasons.
  • Make sure that the transponder is turned on.  This is the “I” position.
  • Approach the boom gates very slowly and align the left hand side of your vehicle within about one meter from the transponder reader.

What to expect during the testing period?

  • Possible delays in entering or exiting ATC while residents are getting use to the system.
  • Period of time when the system is not operational as the contractors are fine tuning the system.

What do visitors and contractors need to do to enter ATC?

  • The residents of ATC must pre-register all visitors and contractors in ATC by contacting the guardhouse at 03-7727 1284. This will make a smoother entry into ATC.
  • The main guard house will be Guardhouse 3 with the large glassed in reception counter up the stairs.

Thank you for your patience.