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Big Issues Not Forgotten - Boom Gates & Intercoms Not Working

posted Feb 7, 2012, 11:38 PM by PMO Posting
We are all aware that the boom gates and the intercoms have never worked to the specifications outlined by our developer.  The management over the years have been trying to rectify the situation with our developers with little success.  The JMC's hands are tied as they are only mandated to spend up to RM10,000 without the approval of the rest of the owners - JMB.  Their hands may be tied, but it hasn't affected their work towards finding a solution.  These options will be presented at the next AGM for the owners to decide on what option to take.  We are also looking in replacing the door options, and again we may be faced with the RM10,000 cap which will then have to be an AGM item. For more information, please refer to the JMC minutes or attend the next Resident Meeting.