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ATC Immediate Security Measures

posted Jul 1, 2012, 8:15 PM by PMO Posting   [ updated Jul 2, 2012, 9:37 PM ]
In May, the PMO issued a notice to all the residents to advise them of the importance of securing their own condo. It included suggestions on how to keep out unwanted intruders or deter a potential burglary. The feedback from the residents was positive and more regular updates on security measures were requested – so here it is. This notice outlines some of the security measures that the PMO has introduced in the building over the last few weeks. These security measures have been influenced by suggestions from the residents and discussions with our Security Contractor, Management and owners at the AGM in securing the Point of Entry, entry into the main lobby and general patrolling.


Immediate Security Measures


Before we go into these points, it is important to remind everyone that the security personnel in ATC are operating without some basic security equipment/tools that would assist them with executing their function. These include: boom gates, an intercom system and a current Resident ID card. There were resident cards issued over three years ago and their validity is questionable as they are easily duplicated and out-of-date.  Therefore, some of the below points are only interim measures while the owners at the upcoming EGM (July 21st, 2012) decide on the direction of the Boom Gates, Intercom System, and other security measures. 


·     From 10pm to 2am, a guard will be stationed at each lobby door.

·     In the event that you come to the lobby door and do not have an access card, press the intercom button to speak with the lobby control room guard. Please cooperate with the guard and give them your name and unit number. Residents who repeatedly do not use an access card to gain entry will be reported to the PMO to follow-up.

·     Additional guards for patrolling the main building.

·     All visitors should be pre-registered.  If not, then the guard will call the landline of the resident if it has been provided to the PMO.

How can you help?


·    Keep your home securely locked at all times.

·    Residents stay alert, and report and suspicious activity to the lobby control room guard. Put this number in your hand phone 03-7728-3852.

·    Carry your access card and use it to open the lobby doors.  Don’t rely on the guards or other residents to open it for you.

·    Get your access cards reprogrammed at the PMO if they are not working.

·    Close the lobby doors behind you.

·    Do not hold the lobby door open for a person that you do not recognize as a resident.

·    On each floor, keep the garden metal gate closed.  Remind your neighbours to keep this gate closed if you see them repeatedly leaving it open.

·    To expedite the registration process for your guests, pre-register them by calling the guardhouse.  Put this number in hand phone 03-7727-1284.  To pre-register a group of guests, give the PMO or guardhouse a written guest list with your guests’ names and car plate number.

·   Provide your landline telephone number at the PMO or by filling in our online form on our website. 

·    Inform your close neighbour of your travel dates, so that they can alert Security if they notice activity in your unit during your absence.

·    All live-in maids, part-time maids and private drivers need to be registered through the PMO by filling out Form IF3Form attached below.

·    All live-in maids will need to carry a copy of the approved Form IF3 while around the condo, to ensure that security is able to cross-check against the list with the PMO. This will avoid fraudulent maids coming under false pretences.

·    All external personal gym trainers and coaches need to be registered through the PMO by completing Form IF4. Form attached below. NO guests in the GYM.


These security measures may be changed from time to time. The JMC are requesting that Owners make every effort to attend the upcoming EGM on July 21st at 11:00am to vote on very important ATC security issues. This may include: the installation of a boom gates system, an intercom system, a centralized access card/ID system, CCTV in Tower Block and CCTV in lobby lifts.  The cost of these proposals combined are well over RM500,000, therefore, please come out in great numbers rather than letting only a handful of owners make the decision on how your money is spent.  The Owners need to explore the benefits, disadvantages, initial costs, long-term maintenance contract costs, etc. of these proposals to ensure that they are suitable for ATC.  Look out for the Notice of EGM (posted on our Notice Boards & Website) for more information.


PMO Posting,
Jul 1, 2012, 8:20 PM
PMO Posting,
Jul 1, 2012, 8:20 PM