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ASTRO Centralized Satellite Dish vs Broadband

posted May 30, 2011, 7:52 PM by   [ updated Aug 5, 2012, 9:30 AM by PMO Posting ]
Hi everyone, 

We all love our television.  We all want our television reception to be reliable, crystal clear & maintenance free - all at a good price.  The management in ATC want to make available to you options to receive your favorite television channels in high definition television (HDTV).  Broadband is the recommended way to go to get your television (IPTV), internet, telephone etc. within a condominium.

Who are the main companies that offer broadband or plan to offer broadband in ATC? 
(2) Maxis:  It is currently available.
(3) ASTRO:  Will be available in the next few months.

Astro has advised us that they want to make their broadband services available in ATC and the talk with them about upgrading our current centralized satellite dish has ended - partly because it is old technology and partly because we never received the 30% subscription rate. Astro is putting their money into new technology which is broadband which uses fiber optic cables. Residents are not forced to get broadband and they can continue with their current subscription with Astro but they will never get Astro B.yond (HDTV) with our old centralized satellite dish system. As per our House Rules, residents cannot install a satellite dish outside their unit to receive Astro B.yond.  There are too many options available for residents to obtain their HDTV without the need of a satellite dish. 

Are there any costs to ATC to bring broadband to ATC?
No. There is no cost to the building to bring broadband to ATC.  There may be a cost to a subscriber to bring this to your unit therefore, please check with your broadband company.

Which broadband company should I choose?
As a consumer, it is YOUR choice on who you will sign up with.  Therefore, understand what you are getting - the services, the costs, the terms of the agreement & the cancellation penalties.  Broadband service providers can offer IPTV (television), telephone and internet, video on demand (VOD) etc.  We want to make all these service providers available to ATC residents.  

History of Centralized Satellite DIsh Television in ATC
Since day one of this building, the Astro reception from our centralized satellite dish has given reception problems in many units. This has caused frustration to many residents, Astro technicians and management over the years.  Back in April 2010, the JMC started to aggressively look into improving our television options in ATC. We were aware that Astro B.yond was something that many residents wanted therefore we started the process of having Astro B.yond available in ATC.  On April 11th, 2010 we conducted a poll asking the residents how many would like to have Astro B.yond.  On April 27th, 2010, Combicom Sdn. Bhd. (an authorized Astro contractor) gave a talk to the residents about upgrading our current Astro satellite dish.  They stated that the upgrade would provide improvements to our current system as well as provide the option of subscribing to Astro B.yond.  23 residents attended this open session and were advised that there was no guarantee that the upgrade would improve the reception to those units that were experiencing poor reception.  These units may still require new cabling from the riser to their unit.   The cost of this upgrade would be over RM200,000 that would be paid by the building unless Astro agreed to pay. The upgrade to the satellite dish will only provide television, unlike broadband which can provide IPTV (television), Internet, telephone etc.   

In early May 2010, we wrote a letter to Astro and requested that they consider ATC as one of the first condominiums in Malaysia that they would upgrade the centralized satellite dish to accommodate Astro B.yond (HDTV).  They sent their own technicians to ATC to assess our building.  On August 26th, 2010, we advised the residents that Astro would pay for the upgrade to our centralized satellite dish only if we reached at least a 30% subscription to Astro B.yond.  On September 17th-19th, Astro had a booth in our lobby to canvass residents wanting Astro B.yond.  On November 25th, 2010, we advised the residents that Astro stated that they were short 9 subscriptions necessary to upgrade our centralized satellite dish system and that they would not pursue this option within ATC. Also around this time, residents were canceling their Astro subscriptions and signing up with broadband service with UNIFI to get their HDTV.  The likelihood of these upgrades being paid by Astro to our centralized satellite dish were becoming less.

We hope that this clarifies the issue about the broadband and television service providers in ATC.  We will keep everyone informed of any further updates.