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ASTRO - May 2010 Update

posted May 28, 2010, 10:47 PM by PMO Posting   [ updated Aug 5, 2012, 9:22 AM ]
The PMO is working with ASTRO to have their own technical department review our current system in ATC and what is required to upgrade to Astro B.yond.  This is to get another opinion in black and white. 

Our PMO technicians (like in any condos) do simple troubleshooting of the Astro and it is the professional Astro technicians that can do more specific detailed troubleshooting since they have the equipment and technical training.  An Astro technician can adjust frequency, add a booster, change wiring etc. and not all Astro technicians are created equal.  Some have more tricks up their sleeves than others and they don't immediately jump to the conclusion that a new wire is required. Astro technicians charge a minimum RM50 call-out fee. 

Even before the Astro forum, we had an Astro technician adjust the frequency in our whole building.  Many people that had pixelated or missing channels started to receive stations.  These people just never talked about it through facebook but some did personally drop us a quick thank you.  Thank you for the thank you. 

At the Astro Forum, the guest professional cabling engineer company stated that if a unit currently has a problem with receiving analog Astro (what we currently use) then they would probably still have problems if we go to digital Astro B.yond for that individual unit. Either direction that unit would need to be fixed. They also stated that upgrading our system to be Astro B.yond ready will give even those subscribers that remain on analog a better picture.  Only 23 residents turned up to this meeting out of 522 units.  So does that mean that most people's Astro are working just fine?

After the Astro Forum, an Astro technician (Siow 012 377 9255) visited many individual units and restored many Astro receptions without any major wiring replacement.  Again, these people never reported it on facebook.  I believe there was only one unit reported that needed new cabling according to this one contractor and the rest were a combination of many things:  TV was broken, needed a booster, connection to wall socket was loose, moving a cordless phone away from their Astro decoder or turning it off all together.  Btw, these boosters attached to your Astro cable within a unit do not last forever and they may need to be changed if reception deteriorates. 

That is why we are directly seeking Astro's advice on the specifics of our building.  In the meantime, finding out who wants Astro B.yond is not a waste of time as these numbers can be used to get an upgrade to our building - and who knows, if the numbers are high enough perhaps Astro may pay (and who's to say they wouldn't) or even put us at the front of the line to get the upgrade.

To quote Astro directly from their Astro B.yond website, "We expect to have condominiums/apartments in major cities to be re-cabled within the next 18-24 months." 

If you haven't filled in the online questionnaire about "Do you want Astro B.yond?", please do so by clicking here.  So far 85% of the respondents want Astro B.yond and if Astro pays for the upgrade why not move to a new technology.

PMO Posting,
May 29, 2010, 12:59 AM