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AGM Resolutions Not Supported by COB Act 663

posted Nov 11, 2010, 8:22 PM by PMO Posting
Please be advised that the JMC has gone to the COB to seek clarification on two resolutions brought up at the last Annual General Meeting (AGM).  The COB have stated that these resolutions contravene ACT 663 and can not be adopted.  They are:

Resolution 2: Code of Conduct for JMC Members

"Such errant member(s) shall, after due deliberation by the JMB at the AGM or EGM be removed from JMC and barred from any future participation as JMC member(s)." 
The JMB can remove a JMC member(s) but can not bar a JMB member for becoming a JMC member at a later date.

Resolution 19:  Other Ordinary Business
"That member(s) of the JMB shall be permitted to attend all JMC meetings as observers.  The JMC shall post the notice of meeting dates on the notice boards and on the official website.  This is for transparency.  Observers are not to say anything unless they are invited to." 
The JMB can attend a JMC meeting only if they are invited to attend by the JMC.  The JMB can request to attend a meeting but it is up to the JMC to decide if they can attend.