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posted Aug 28, 2013, 9:24 PM by PMO Posting
Dear Parcel Owners,

You would have by now received an A4-size envelope containing the 14 September 2013 Annual General Meeting (AGM) Package, consisting of:

1. Letter to Owner/s
2. Notice of AGM
3. Important AGM Reminders
4. Proxy Forms A (Joint Owners) and B (Company).
5. Nomination Form for Candidates to be Elected to the JMC
6. JMC Progress and Status Update (Appendix 1)
7. Minutes of :
     a. AGM 16 June 2012
     b. EGM 19 December 2012
     c. EGM 16 March 2013
8. Audited Accounts for the Financial Year ending 31 Dec 2012
9. External Auditors Investigative Review and JMC Recommendations (Appendix 2)
10. Internal Audit Report and Recommendations (Appendix 3)
11. Ratification of Expenditure of RM25,000 to Install Sliding Door at Lobby Entrance (Appendix 4)
12.Proposal on Purchase and Installation of Energy Saving T5 Lights Phase 2 not exceeding RM80,000 (Appendix 5)

We advise you to read all the documents so you will be better informed of the goings-on in Armanee Terrace. If, for some reason, you do not have the complete set as listed above, please come to the PMO and request for the relevant documents.


• Please ensure all outstanding arrears to the Building Maintenance & Sinking Funds are paid up before 13 September 2013, to be entitled to vote.
• Please bring along your IC or Passport and Sales & Purchase Agreement for verification of entitlement to vote.
• Please complete the necessary Proxy Form (where applicable) and bring it with you on the AGM day. Registration starts at 2.00pm, Saturday 14 September 2013.
• If you have a motion to propose for consideration at the AGM, please submit in writing and send to the PMO latest, 72 hours before the AGM, ie before 11 September 2013, 2.00pm.
• Please come early for Registration so the AGM can commence on time at 2.30pm.

We urge you to take interest and attend the AGM as this is where decisions are made which will affect your wellbeing in Armanee Terrace. The spending of your monthly contribution will also be decided upon; therefore this is the perfect opportunity for you, in conjunction with other Parcel Owners, to give a direction on the course of actions.

Thank You.