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AGM - 10 Reasons Why You Should Vote

posted Jun 19, 2011, 7:27 PM by PMO Posting   [ updated Jun 19, 2011, 7:56 PM ]

10 reasons why you should vote at the AGM

  1. AGMs are once a year, and a few hours a year to discuss and make decisions on your property investment is a small price to pay.
  2. By attending it reflects pride in your community
  3. It gives you a say on important issues that affect you.
  4. Casting a vote allows you to express a choice among nominees who you wish to become a Joint Management Committee (JMC) member. 
  5. Voting provides a medium for you to support the democratic process.
  6. Showing up at the AGM on voting day sets a good example to others especially to your children.
  7. It gives the next committee members a clearer direction from the ATC Joint Management Body.
  8. Everyone has a right to their opinions but if you do not vote at an AGM, it can make your complaints lose substance.
  9. You don’t want 10% of the owners making the decisions for you like in past years.
  10. Because, you need to be able to say that you did not sit back.

AGM Date:
Saturday, July 2nd at 2:30pm in the meeting room above Splash Cafe (Registration starts at 2:00pm)

Who can vote?

Each parcel shall have one vote by a show of hand holding an assigned voting card.  Only one vote is permitted for purchasers with more than one parcel. In the case of an equality of votes, the chairman shall be entitled to a casting vote.

I am a tenant, can my landlord give me a proxy to vote on their behalf?   

No. Pursuant to the laws from the Commissioner of Buildings (COB), voting can only be done by an owner or by a proxy in two specified scenarios. As a tenant or non-owner, there are Residents’ Meetings that are held about once a month to voice your concerns or to obtain clarity on situations.

What are the two scenarios where a proxy can be used?

a)      Joint Purchaser can only vote via a proxy jointly appointed by them. However, the proxy must be either one of the joint purchasers.

b)      Company Purchaser can only vote via a proxy appointed by the company. However, the proxy must be a worker or director of the company duly appointed by a directors’ resolution.